Black Hat has been successfully held for 17 years, is the worldwide largest industry event, bringing together a number of network experts, hackers and professional firms, known as the Las Vegas gusto, wonderful mix hacker style and serious network security topics body, aims to provide the latest information on information security research, ACCA-v6.2development and trends in the participants. Black Hat USA 2014 Conference held in Las Read more

The award for the Tsukuba University, Chiba University (Chiba), Saitama Medical University (Saitama Medical), and many other universities to participate in the All Japan e-Learning Cloud for Cancer Professional Education were awarded. This collaboration was supported by Mediasite webcasting platform for supporting some of the MedicalHH0-300 University record and share their professional courses to effectively educate the doctors, nurses and Read more

Obviously, this counter is too weak. SAP senior vice president of database technology Steve – Lucas is contemptuously told the media: “The database on an old-fashioned super-fast hardware, and thereby to increase its speed, which will not cause damage to Hana. “he even laughed at Oracle is a short-sighted person wearing all kinds of bondage:” C-TBW55-73 hanging on a company (refer Read more

Because of two laptop cooling systems are out of the question, I vowed never to use the notebook with a fan. There are only the author of this idea is definitely not one person needs fanless Windows device is quite high. Core M will bring the advent of Intel and Microsoft upgrades tide. Microsoft has lost smartphone market, Windows Phone has not been sought after market. Microsoft employees transferred from Nokia 70-463after the cut half of Read more

American smartphone market alone, Microsoft gap with other competitors is obvious. I can not help wondering whether the reach of Microsoft’s new blockbuster effect? ​​Earlier, Microsoft IT to some reporters of the mouth of the issue this week, the contents of some “obscure” the invitation to the contents of the letter says “Please join us to spend more face time together. “Last week, the contents of an internal Microsoft memo to light, Read more

In addition, like the use of traditional desktop and notebook applications processing capabilities Chromebook user, you can integrate cloud computing platform to run Windows and Mac applications through Sphere3D Chromebook in the Glassware and so on. Because Sphere3D cloud computing solutions for mild use, providing maximum70-461 flexibility to be able to run on any operating system, hardware run arbitrary software, and Google Read more

“We have great admiration for Nokia as a company, not only for the development of mobile phones has made a great contribution, while training a large number of outstanding technical talent. Although it now faces some challenges, but as a fellow Nubia smartphone willing to provide a broad platform for leaving those talents to provide a continued their dream stage. “ZTE Mobile yesterday on the official micro-Bo, 100 talents program wasRead more

What business would be abolished? Cisco a former employee believes that the practice followed in 2011, consumer business will be the hardest hit. On that occasion, while closing the acquisitions Cisco digital camera company Pure Digital Technology, videoHP2-Z26 social platform Eos, consumer-grade Linksys wireless router and network WebEx video conferencing products and a series of product lines. For four years, Cisco has been hoping to Read more

Siri and Huna combination with the system very closely. Siri application when combined with faster processing speed, open the application is often one step; while Huna better understand the user’s intent, the higher degree of completion. Video twice to open the application (QQ music are running in the background) and a micro-Bo, obviously well done70-467 than Siri Huna. In texting, find locations and routes and schedules, the higher Read more

The 13,000 job cuts currently being expanded operations, 70-463most layoffs will be carried out in the next six months and be completed within the next 12 months. Of these, about 12,500 employees will be cut from the Nokia devices and services, roughly equivalent to half of the total number of employees in the sector, the total number of layoffs across up to 1.8 million people.

Microsoft said the next four quarters time, severance Read more

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